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Trained at the New School University in New York City, the University of Vermont and under the mentorship of an International Master of Photography, I have found a home behind my camera.
With a devotion to my background in anthropology, a passion for theater and a drive to see and reflect the world, I interpret my surroundings as cultural artworks, of which I am honored to capture and share.

Working independently as I traverse the world, or in collaboration with other artists for theatrical productions, media, or documentation, I am thrilled to push boundaries and cultivate new relationships in new places with new people, just as I am inspired when working with the deeply familiar, yet always fresh.
2016 recipient of the David S. Woods Humanitarian Award.

Currently a featured artist with Better Than Plaster

My work is loving the world


which is mostly standing still, and learning to be astonished


which is mostly rejoicing,

since all the ingredients are here


which is gratitude,

to be given a mind and a heart


Mary Oliver

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